ONE-TIME Donation

While one-time gifts of any amount are so very welcome here, Answer International has found three specific areas where we need your help to prevent sexual slavery and liberate its victims.

$1,000 – Prosecute a Sex Trafficker

In Nepal, the government does not provide a prosecuting attorney to represent the victim. Because traffickers know their victims cannot pay for a trial, there were no consequences to the crimes of rape and sexual trafficking until Answer International stepped in. We pay the $1,000 trial fee, and our crack team of prosecutors has never lost a case – saving countless young women and children by putting traffickers away for 20 years or more.

$2,500 – Fund a Bridge Intervention Team

You can prevent sexual trafficking by funding a Bridge Intervention Team at one of Nepal’s many border crossings. These teams of trained profilers literally blow the whistle on traffickers, sending them to jail. The teams also counsel and educate the victims on human trafficking schemes and reunite them with their families.

$3,000 – Liberate a Girl from Bondage

In India, slavery is widely accepted because of the caste system. Only the very rich in India use banks. The lower caste people are forced to borrow from loan sharks for medical care, education, housing and other necessities. When they cannot pay their debt, their wives and daughters are taken as collateral and forced into sexual slavery. You can join Answer International in breaking the chains of slavery by paying the debt of a girl living in bondage.

Freedom donation – Feel free to give the amount of your choosing

 Freedom Donation 
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